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Global Electrical Plumbing and Construction aims to reduce unemployment and poverty to the mass of people who are currently jobless so that they can have something they can put on the table.

global electrical plumbing and construction

Global Electrical Plumbing and Construction (Pty)Ltd is a synonymous, perseverance and relentless company which aims to be undisputed leader in the electrical and plumbing and construction industry.  We have clearly made our commitment to provide a growth and development opportunities, while striving to provide array of electrical and plumbing and construction services primarily to private, public organizations, industrials, commercials and residential etc .

ELECTRICAL SERVICES PLUMBING SERVICES BUILDING AND CONSTRUCTION global electrical  plumbing and construction (PTY)Ltd Address: 1404 High Rise  Cnr Primrose Berea 2198 Johannesburg Physical Address P.O Box 30741					 Braamfontein 				              2017						  Johannesburg Postal Address 1404 high rise  Cnr Primrose Berea 2198 Johannesburg Follow Us Tel:+27(078)9644685 Fax:+27(086)7600 653 Email:info@globalelectricalandconstruction.co.za


In the pursuit of excellence, we as a company aspire to the principle of attaining profit through clients’ satisfaction and employee’s participation.

Meeting and excellent, customer’s requirements for products, quality services innovation and as well as cost competitiveness would be our main priority   We will ensure that our customers feel satisfied all the times with all our services. Providing a safe and secure working environment on which employees can fulfill their ambitious and aspire to continually improve their circumstances.   We commit our services to serving our clients in a manner that continues to add value to their business.




Global Electrical Plumbing  and Construction Company provides expertise on plumbing repairs and installations and we believe that our clients / customers possession are to be looked after especially when we are doing plumbing, our service includes

Geyser Installation and replacement

Heat Pumps Installations

Replace geyser elements and thermostat

Blocked Drains

Burst water tapes

Leaking pipes, tapes, toilets, cisterns and urinals etc                               

Re- routing of drains etc ‘New Installation such as toilets, basins and bath etc


Safety is a central value of the Global Electrical Plumbing and Construction and vital to the way we conduct our business. The Global Electrical, plumbing and Construction Pty Ltd,is committed to ensuring that during the execution of its projects, the health and safety of our employees, clients and the public as well as the reduction of any environmental impacts is our priority.


Global Electrical Plumbing and Construction is committed to a policy efficient quality and management and we will implement system in accordance to which we undertake within our objectives; to identify the needs of customers and deliver the products and services conforming to their specific requirements.


Global Electrical Plumbing and Construction (Pty) Ltd, recognizes that transformation is a business and culture imperative, transformation within Global Electrical Plumbing and Construction. We will maintain our commitment to developing and increasing the representation of black professionals and leaders across to our operations. Global Electrical Plumbing and Construction Pty Ltd. is value-added vendor and Level 1 contributor with a 135% BEE procurement recognition level.

Electrical on Call 24/7 -7 Working Days


Global Electrical Plumbing and Construction company’s major business activities are centered on the provision of:

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